The Winners

Take a look at our winner's stories below.

  • Georgia Halston |  Friend lives in Melbourne, Victoria

    Olivia and I lived together for three years. She's a doctor and I've been learning to fly. We always said we would move to Australia together and become flying doctors!
    She managed to make her dream come true but I have had to stay in England. Since she now has a permanent position it looks like she's staying there! I can't see me being able to afford to ever visit her and since we have been through so much together, I really want one last adventure, it's just not the same on Skype! I miss her.

  • Amanda Grieg |  Best friend lives in Melbourne, VIC

    I would love to be reunited with my son Dougs, he was only 19 when he took the brave decision to study in Australia, a country he had never visited before! I miss him terribly. I know he is very happy there but I would so love to give him a big hug and tell him how proud I am of him. Dougs lost his Dad when he was 13 and with some help from inheritance money he decided to put it into his education in an amazing country. I would love to see and just to hold him again, simple stuff really.

  • Caroline Holland |  Best friend lives in Inverloch, VIC

    My sister and family emigrated 4 years ago and after being there my 7 year old nephew was critically ill in intensive care, luckily he survived but I was heart broken as I am a paramedic and had no savings at all to go to visit so would love this opportunity to give him the biggest hug and kiss ,and also my sister as she went through this with no family to help her .

  • Andria Deighton |  Husband's cousin lives in Brisbane, Queensland

    It would be wonderful for my husband to see his cousin again after so many years and hopefully if he’s finished building his Spitfire by then and can take him up for a ride (it’s based on one of the rare two seat variants, built towards the end of the 2nd world war).

  • Elaine Monk |  Friend lives in Townsville, Queensland

    I would love to be reunited with Paula as she was my Bridesmaid in 1988. We lost touch for many years as my husband was in the RAF and we were stationed overseas. She had searched for me on Facebook but I wasn't on it. I unknowingly joined and suddenly I had a friend request from Paula. It was her last try before she gave up. We had found each other! My husband and I have celebrated 26
    years married this year. We haven't seen Paula for all those years! To see her again would be heaven. xx

  • Raymond Mitchell |  Friend lives in Adelaide, South Australia

    Linda and I hit up a friendship with Aussies Eric and Lorraine when we met on a cruise in 2008. We have stayed in contact via telephone and Skype but would so love to be reunited in person and resurrect our long distance friendship. To be able to spend a week together "down under" and to share barbies and tinnies with our old "mates" would be a wonderful and thrilling experience for us. We
    love travel, beaches, sun, sea and good friends. To combine them all together would be truly amazing.

  • Brendan Oakley |  Identical twin lives in Brisbane, Queensland

    A big kick in the “Koalas”- The feeling when my identical twin brother told me he was moving Down Under. Never ever will get over it, that feeling of the complete loss of my other half moving away - and how far away! My mirror image, my best man, my sounding board, my alibi, my extra pair of hands, my shoulder to cry on and best mate now over 8000 miles away. Internet?-just not
    the same as being close. Bringing two halves back together to make a whole, that’s what reunited would mean to us.

  • Christy Orchin |  Mother lives in Melbourne, Victoria

    I've sad reasons & happy reasons, lets save the sad story for another day, as i tell my 2 young girls there’s ALWAYS someone worse than you. I basically just want a mum hug (it’s like chicken soup when your ill), & I’d love the chance to share the family Aussie day BBQ. Living in Northern Ireland, I can’t just duck around or share in Australia day. My family take great pleasure in phoning me at all hours singing songs and sharing the BBQ laughs, I can almost taste the BBQ & Wine when they call.

  • Anna Marriage |  Son lives in Canberra, ACT

    I only found my dad in 2010 after only knowing a name for 38 years. It took me a month to trace him and I then discovered he was living in Oz. I contacted my sister via Facebook and they got back to me straight away saying they would love to see me. I would love to see him again. Next year he is 70 and I would love to make it special by being able to visit. I also have 6 brothers and sisters I have
    only met once so it would be a massive family reunion for me as I am an only child in the UK.

  • Josephine Cassidy |  Daughter lives in Gold Coast, Queensland

    I haven't seen my daughter or grandchildren for 6 years. I miss them so much. My daughter has been divorced twice and had a few relationships but has not been able to find a decent partner. We worry about her so much being so far away from her. We are pensioners so we cannot afford to pay for a trip to see her.